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南京网025002|重庆化医技师学院"This is the son of the mighty sea. He is only four years old, but he is as strong as an ox, and his physique is comparable to that of other children seven or eight years old." Yang fu explained with a smile."Because you lack the eye and skill to weigh your interests as a sovereign." Sighed and shook his head is a way: "the family will continue to survive, as the Lord, the most important is not should know how to fight, but how to choice, Liu Jingsheng death, you had a chance to unify JingXiang, unfortunately, because of your wrong decision, will hope in cao cao, blindly listen to cao cao Suggestions, lost the opportunity to unify JingXiang, and now, as a householder, you should be clear, xiangyang can't keep long, both tongley brothers and pretending that all understand this truth, but you don't understand."Then zheng xuan slowly closed his eyes and passed away.

Xia houyuan nodded, he naturally saw that the circle of circular camp, is aimed at reinforcements, want to think: "li zhao."Even if our army had an absolute advantage over cao cao, it would take five years to digest the central plains." Zhongyuan family all over the world, however, even if lyu3 bu4 occupied the central plains, there is also a hard hit, destroy cao cao is easy, but to lu bu in the guanzhong policy implement step by step, not only by the iron fist to suppress, so it is difficult to digest cao cao's territory, and this five years, liu2 bei4 will shu in the annex, enough to know, liu2 bei4 but now too much powerful than history, the whole jingzhou, now in addition to xiangyang city, has done all belong to the liu bei, lyu3 bu4 if at this time will be a lot of time consumption in digesting the central plains, when lu bu to again, I'm afraid liu2 bei4 also completed the integration of jingzhou and shu.In the interval of distraction, another soldier rushed forward and cut off the sword. Zang ba instinctively avoided some pieces of armor on his chest, and the blood kept pouring out.南京网025002|At the same time, the clapboard above the ring was pulled down to reveal that the warlords were pointing down, and with a command, a row of warlords were in full swing.

南京网025002|"This...... "Zhuge liang's mouth twitched a few times and he opened his mouth and said," the old general is getting old. ""I'm riding lieutenant ford, I have something important to do out of town!" The first knight took out a token and threw it to mumber."How does that make sense? How can you be a bad man even if you don't agree with politics?" < / p > < p > liu xie smell speech can not help but be frightened and pale, fu is pale, surprised to cao cao.

"Who are you waiting for?" Menber frowned. There was no danger in these people. They were all pale and thin, looking like refugees.Although the former is the capital city, the most flourishing place all over the world, but the years after the war, was still is dong zhuo to put a handful of fire, over the years in lyu3 bu4, though improved, also come in a lot of people, but also it's just better, said compared with today's changan, even compared with the former luoyang, also sent more than a little.When the three spoke, the lower bow had begun, opposite lv zheng, there was a very strong young man, almost with a brutal offensive straight into the goal.南京网025002|




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