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tiltomo笼养设备价格"Yes, although this man is old, but regardless of the martial arts and tactics, looking across the middle of shu, only general zhang ren can be an enemy?" Deng xian nodded.As for fazheng, zhuge liang did not have much research, but the strategy of conquering shu was not like the means of pang tong, so it must have been written by him.

"Pa ~"The presence of the hussar guards often represented lu bu's attitude, and no one was allowed to question it. However, the people in shu did not know this, so they had to take precautions to spread the news about the position of the hussar guards in the military system under lu bu.How also have never thought, will because a liu DHS completely out of control, at the moment, even if he beheaded liu DHS, also hard to restore morale, although zhang ren to milan will be same good inheritance reputation for chilling and discontent, but for his betrayal, it is not possible, fealty, stupid, but milan have the grace of a promotion, zhang ren nevertiltomoWith lv meng's cold cry, the surrounding jiangdong warships began to advance from all sides.

tiltomo"After the end of this year, my younger brother will be eleven years old. In ancient times, ganluo was twelve years old and worded for the prime minister. Although more than eleven, but inherited lu bu and sable cicada high quality genes, lu zheng is now six feet tall, standing beside pang tong, even higher than pang tong, labial red tine is white, and lu bu is very much like their brow, but that puffed up a few minutes less domineering, much a few minutes polite, look, god light flashing, unknowingly between heart of fear."It's you! ?" Chen looked at ford with an ugly face and shook his head. "it's impossible.Face pang tong now is ruthlessly dozen face, liu a snort of DHS is boring, no longer speak, pang tong shook his head in the heart secretly, funk, no wonder, then, will be as the younger generation, zhang ren climbed

'reason! "Said monda coldly.< / p > < p > a soldier took the opportunity to a shot to Chen, but was Chen to a gun to catch, also too late to send force, followed by six or seven long guns from all sides mercilessly stabbed down, Chen to a body stiff, eyes wide open.Lyu3 bu4 to unify the world, but I don't want to put too much, so he want to force, to now only three governors since the phase out and, because of the terrain, probably with Cao Liu jiangdong doomed not a heart, this is also lyu3 bu4 first rather than into shu, first set an important reason of the central plains, jiangdong behind he needed to make the wind rain, make Cao Liu cannot fully against lyu3 bu4, sometimes three more true than two, the world is too small, small to now have been unable to accommodate four governors.tiltomo





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