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天际浩劫2未来战争|藏益渭散"Then I sent for a wife... "But the opponent for the life of contempt let guan yu this and others feel some despair, what are these hu people thinking?"More than a month, less than half a month, I have news." Pang tong seriously looked at wei yan and said, "langzhong daying has our detailed works and will send news to us regularly.

Liu at swaney DHS frown, at this time, should have to advise to by him, but without his permission, swaney had directly, this made him look a bit not good-looking, but also helpless, according to status, according to seniority, swaney thanLyu3 bu4 is basically because the average-land system, can be in less than ten years, make for safe, no longer subject to family in Taipei, now milan though evil in family, but in a sense, he is liberating the people from family's hands, should also like the guanzhong people embrace lyu3 bu4 to support himself.Perhaps liu's abilities are not as good as zhang ren's, but his qualifications and achievements are not less than zhang ren's, or even higher than zhang ren's, but he has never complained about being ranked below zhang ren天际浩劫2未来战争|"Master, there's no one left!" "Said a nighthawk guard, bending forward.

天际浩劫2未来战争|"You see to it, I don't care, but don't overdo it. Pang tong shook his head, thinking of his confused was pulled to lu bu chariot by jia xu, the heart could not help but a burst of putty slanting."The Lord is at ease, the subordinates will start." Xun you slightly a bow way."A liu DHS, zhang ren can press down, but before that, the milan evil he has done too much, the wangs, zhao, Xie Jia, these people are not immediately riots, because in the army, the lack of a sufficient amount of people, zhang ren can press down the morale, but not all the heart, this method of filial piety in the old fox giffin around for a few years, learned what Said finally, pang tong some dissatisfaction of the pie.

"Sir, that's the way it is. They said that during the reign of the Lord, he had been forced to take food from his dead body, mistreated his family and robbed them. 'murmured the steward."Since I dare to go, I certainly have enough confidence." Pang tong stood up and smiled, "you don't think I've done nothing in the last six months, do you?""Master has made, the former milan hah, although during his tenure, unmistakably identified, breeding resentment, but it is the han clan, stripped of its hah, preserve its title, made to date, with a title of generals in ancient times, who returned to luoyang, served as minister to a, the other, before the profit ShouJiang Ren Zhong liver righteousness, bravery, brave, promoted to general coach, led the profit, many less for the main, to protect the profit." With that, the broad sea took a seal from an hussar and looked at the crowd. "who is zhang ren?天际浩劫2未来战争|




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