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国药股份股票西安通用航空产业园"Good!" < / p > < p > lu lingqi's face finally spread a excited smile, silver gun point, is according to the characteristics of the weak female lu bu, specializing in the teaching of the way of the battle, cruel and spicy, a little not careful, will eat a big loss."Camp or carpenter's camp?" Jia xu said uncertainly, during this period of time, lu bu was not training horses and soldiers every day, or gathered a bunch of craftsmen to set up a carpenter camp, every day jingling pound, even jia xu did not know what lu bu was pounding.On the vast land, thirty thousand xiongnu cuirassiers gathered into a huge array, dense as locust like swept by, billowing smoke from after the rolling up, gradually rising, seen from a distance, like a sandstorm swept over the general.

"Only the last step, I can sit and watch han sui and burdang qiang fighting, then we can take the initiative!" Li ru nodded and smiled."The duty of the city guard is to guard chang 'an. You go on down and I'll take care of it." Chen gong frowned slightly and said darkly.Come back to life?国药股份股票Compared with the han army under han sui, the qiang people's anger natural easier to ignite, especially p. o already have such preconceived think Korea then tried to burn out qiang adverse circumstances, plus rumor offensive, Korea hence not recruit has doesn't matter, as long as the combustion was able to point in the qiang people's anger, Korea even if see through didn't also the way.

国药股份股票< / p > < p > two people drink a few cups later, each have a mind, see off sima boda, the young scribe also did not stay, left the restaurant, now chang 'an with the warming weather, before the panic is little by little eliminated, the academy reopened, as the college steward, he can not stay here for a long time.Shanzhai YuanMen, two famous mountains thief dozen nap, boring, after all, was not a regular army, and stockade is hidden, while symbolic sent people to wake, but the discipline loose where the mountain thief is willing to perform in this boring things, not to the middle of the night, the lights in the shanzhai hasn't completely extinguished, two famous mountains the thief had already sleep snoring rang.But in this way, but not willing to lose to the men of lu lingqi sheep, the general house a group of maids gathered, all day drill, in order not to affect the diao chan rest, the training site will be placed in the area of quite large chang 'an order here, and then the government in a group of old men suffered.

However, such a pursuit, in the yueshi lake, then no longer, the huns suddenly into a dozen, heading in a different direction away, lv bu in the hanging after a share, had no choice but to give up to continue to kill, began the point."Please, general, let me fight!" Ma chao three hands way."The world, not you think so simple." Lv bu drew his sword and came to sima fang's side.国药股份股票




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