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dolphinlighter|双s燃脂排油减肥套盒"Eldest brother, that what dog fart wolong good big shelf, I wait for several times three times to please, all avoid but see, this time if he does not come out again, I a fire less his that dog fart grass lu!" Snow, standing on the thick snow, zhang fei discontent jilted to jilt arm, now, liu bei is not yet I have nanyang, jiangxia relieving, under is also a talent, a brush, over, cui state, are sufficient management side of the talent, wu let alone, guan yu, zhang fei, a dynamic world, although Chen to fame do not show, a skill not under closed."Sure enough." Lyu3 bu4 rolled out letters, looking at the contents of the letter, sneer at 1: "'s rate of thirty thousand bullying tiger fastened, zhang he fifty thousand enemy armies HuGuan, as well as general coppage garrison in hedong, high sample led the troops to the north of the Great Wall, and hanzhong britons unexpectedly also mixed with one foot, send someone bullying, lombardi money really fat, just ate a defeat, has produced fifty thousand troops out so quickly."Hearing this, yuan shang and others turned ugly and looked at all the generals. Yuan shang smiled sadly and shook his head and said, "zhang liao is a brave man.

When cao chun's body was sent to the side of cao cao, even if cao cao fierce heart, this moment also failed to hold back, cry out.If he had remained in charge of the department of justice, these resentments would have rested on his head, and when they had accumulated to a certain extent, his death would not be far off.dolphinlighter|Liu bei nodded his head slightly and said, "if the commander is willing, I will withdraw the troops first. If brother jingsheng blames it on you, how about bei alone?"

dolphinlighter|"Where can I visit a sage?" "Liu bei asked hurriedly."Mr. Zhengnan rest assured, I have ordered the old general han rong to back up the second brother." Yuan shang smiled and said, "han rong is the only veteran under yuan shao's command. He is known as the king of guns in hebei. Although he is old now, he is old and vigorous, and he is more proficient in the art of war.Waved a hand way: "send a person collect bury well."

"Oh?" Yang fu wen yan looked at the team behind the two men, nodded: "it's all right, let the next people to rest, also two to the opportuny, just catch up with the final day of the game, to my changan, if missed the game, but a big pity.Destroy? Easy to say?Opened a stick lun zhang fei zhangs eight snake lance, followed by side block guan yu to cut to the blade, three people fight in one place, seven or eight rounds in a twinkling of an eye in the past, holds the sea only his arms like lead, every wave of copper rod, have to thunder, inspire the whole body strength, can barely holding two people attack, not everyone can be like lu bu as breakthrough, under strong pressure or promotion is not so obvious.dolphinlighter|




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