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葫芦娃之虎口拔牙台湾渔乐"Aren't you afraid I'll reveal your whereabouts?" Ugly young people are also some surprised, general people in this situation was revealed identity, I am afraid it will panic pale, let alone a woman?"This department is different from others. It is used for assassinating and spying on intelligence. It is the eyes and ears of our army in the world. Will you?"His plan succeeded, the huns initiative to give out large tracts of land, let the arrogant guy thought the huns unintelligent, and then just as dostie expected, tu man snaked through the rouzhi roamed from west cool back last year's financial, those are lyu3 bu4 as reward, let the rouzhi roamed back, also let the rouzhi roamed all through the winter, there appears to be less than the huns for fear of cases, these people finally began the infighting.

Such "thirteen days ago, Mrs Lu bu the sable cicada, headed by the sima family of changan secretly contact lombardi, suborn guarding city generals, the attack on changan, at the same time, station troops in bing zhang he wants a pu sakaguchi jin, hitting changan, but only to find that, lyu3 bu4 ready to attack on chang 'an men completely annihilated, general han, celebrities syma and all the people of SiMaShi be lyu3 bu4 with prevention way, zhang he also in pu sakaguchi tianjin seibel, may not cross the river." Cheng yu smiled."Will xianbei invade the thirty-six western regions?" Lyu3 bu4 hand of letter paper to jia xu, frowning way: "difficult way xianbei again unify?""The report ~"葫芦娃之虎口拔牙Korea hence battle, had to save power, burn out qiang and fight the huns, may not have noticed at the beginning, but after p. o back to the news, burn when Lao wang carefully think, that despite being lyu3 bu4 chuan, forty thousand soldiers, with the strength of itself in the following war wreck far less than in the burn out qiang and xiongnu, it is figured out that burn when Lao wang is not willing to give Korea hard.

葫芦娃之虎口拔牙See pang tong one eye, zhaoyun silently nod, see juyan king stand up, unmoved forward a few steps, this distance is very delicate, no matter how juyan wang moves, zhaoyun silver gun, can lock him in the first time.Dozens of women are afraid holds kelp to tinker, lyu3 bu4 hasn't come yet, but three hundred guard is divided into two queues on the tinker with wooden weapon, wearing armor, attackandkill mutually, is so intense that the situation is no less a real fight, one is the colliding between release ShaQi, let a group of women face pale, reveal formation between mutual change, is to let these formations have done intensive training specifically for women feel ashamed.After ma chao released an arrow, he brandished a long gun and ran back and forth in the crowd. Although the old camp was mostly a kind of residence made of felt bags, the terrain was still the terrain of street fighting.

Chapter 49 military disorder"What is the name of this gentleman?" Chen gong's voice sounded from behind lu lingqi.Another wave of arrows released, rushed out of the city of the slaughterhouse at this time only to find that in such a short time, more than 300 Hugh slaughterhouse warriors have fallen in a pool of blood, but they rushed too fast, too late to turn around.葫芦娃之虎口拔牙




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