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bubuno|邓州未来科技The news of the defeat of the five tribal groupings was a bolt from the blue for Kirby Neng, who was a little stunned."Kill!""Here!" Male broad sea eyes a bright, excited licked his lips, this is to launch a war rhythm ah!

Zhang he didn't expect d anger, unexpectedly make a breakthrough again, frightened at the same time, point steel gun to block, still can't completely block, d a shot in the shoulder, point steel gun eat pain in the hand, almost out of hand rather than.According to the statistics sent by Chen Gong, harmony state alone several counties, this year a year of harvest of food, enough lyu3 bu4 launched a fifty thousand people-scale campaign and lasted a year!"Subordinate don't know, only know temuzhen suddenly with people killed into the camp, see people killed, two patriarch want to salvage the decline, but was temuzhen bow and arrow shot, and then those originally belong to step root of the army defected, others also follow to surrender, I can't resist, can only run back."bubuno|"Woo ~"

bubuno|"What do you want, sisters?" When pang tong turned around, the smug expression on his face finally stiffened on his face, looking at the gathered night owl camp woman, astringent laughed.Xu togeher twist a head to look at, but see a family dressed up people riding a fast horse galloping toward this way.

The whole western xianbei, with the new command of daxi, ministries have begun to operate, accompanying cattle and sheep have begun a batch of outward transportation, the elite ministries are also rapidly assembling to jinlianchuan.D and ma dai also found mayi fire in the fierce battle, can not help but great anger, pointing to zhang he harsh voice: "no righteous man, unexpectedly set fire to the city, today, leave you can't!""Here!"bubuno|





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