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千年不腐|硅油价格"Master rest assured!" Hand a straight chest, awe-inspiring way.The clouds of war with seibel, zhang liao military forces stationed in the north, quickly spread in the West Cool, Korea hence in know lyu3 bu4 after joining the battlefield, and not too big an accident, for him, if can take this opportunity to compromise lyu3 bu4 spirit, hurt its vitality, after annexing d, can take the opportunity to south, the guanzhong land into the bag, with lyu3 bu4 brought millions of people, he will have enough strength, and kanto governors."Eldest brother, Mr. Hua Tuo is out." Ma dai surprised sound sounded behind him, d, suddenly got up and strode into the corridor, is seeing hua tuo out of the wing.

D a took bamboo paper, hand to lyu3 bu4.A line of military forces is from the front, suddenly a mess in front of a messy soldiers.Martial arts died, this will let the broken Cao Junxin panic, see him now in the array, immediately no heart, I don't know who, the first to throw away weapons, then run, the rest of jun said also a panic escape, really can't escape, then knelt on the ground to raise the weapons above the top, make a surrender.千年不腐|"No chicken, no dog!"

千年不腐|"Korea hence!" Marten pulled out his sword and pointed to Han Sui. "I treat each other with sincerity," he snapped. "Why are you plotting against me?"Four xiongnu warriors, each body is murderous, a clear-sighted person will know that four people extraordinary, it is experienced countless wars, climb out of the dead people will have momentum, lyu3 bu4 but happy not afraid, he came to the world, although not long, but experienced a lot of war killings, in the face of four people."Master rest assured, at the end of the will not lose the trust!" Xu Rong su rong way.

"How dare you argue?" Zhong yao sneer at a way: "Then let you die understand, before I several times to your general show goodwill, your general has been slow to fall, now suddenly to fall, clearly cheat, bearer, give me this fellow head off, hang on YuanMen!"Liang Xing coughed up a mouthful of blood, a long time before struggling to stand up under the support of QinWei, frightened to look at d, some weak way: "brothers, d has said, the day of the city broken, is when I die, so why not die!"Shouying can be different from guarding the city, the city has a solid wall as a dependency, but the camp can only rely on wooden equipment such as Diao Dou, very fragile, and the protection of the city is not comparable.千年不腐|





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