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厨戏痞|绿瘦一个疗程多少钱Chapter 47 disagreementAt the beginning zhaoyun was ordered to go east, in the liao water area to five thousand to break thirty thousand, world war I and famous, and to gongsun du head as betrothed gift, married lu bu's daughter lu lingqi, many princes feel sorry for, lu bu under the command of another strong man, not the world's blessing!"Pig's brains! Ma qiu looked at droop head over the majestic, gas not to play a place.

"Whippoorwill! For a long time, lv bu suddenly opened his eyes and spoke softly.Actually not Zang bully is too weak, as day by day camp lyu3 bu4 under one of the most elite five horses, every soldier is under a good soldier of lyu3 bu4 policy, level 1 level 1 selected, each is a elite, coupled with the guanzhong greatly improve weapon, these five years is five new weapon equipment, if she is zhang liao's military forces, although also elite, but the weapon armor couldn't keep up with, it is impossible to several batman will Zang bully such a war were killed, and five of any one of an ordinary soldier, in general in the army is also at least tuen long level, if on the governors, Mo said zang ba was a man like ma chao. Dozens of them came to fight with him. If they didn't have good weapons and armour, they would have to stop fighting.厨戏痞|Chapter 34 health

厨戏痞|"Soldiers, do not be that day by the army looked down upon, shield, with me to kill in!" < / p > < p > small school excitedly brandished a long gun, as a temporary call to come over the local army, even without formal establishment, this rare with the day corps battle, he naturally hope to be able to establish some achievements, leave the county that place, join the regular army."Did not expect, liu bei still rose!" The hussar rode in the mansion, lu bu gave the information to jia xu, shook his head and said with a smile: "it's really time!""Remember, my name is lv bu, big fellow hussars ride general, champion hou!" Lyu3 bu4 turn head, saw LAN zhan one eye, indifferent way: "tie mu zhen, just my alias."

Chen gong and gao shun's mouth twitched for a few times, and they looked at Chen GUI with red face.It was the first time that cao cao's counsellors died on the assassination, and it belonged to the counsellors that cao cao attached great importance to. Cao cao was pale.The person below peaceful flourishing age, what afraid sees is that bright general star adviser only, how to see foil the countless soul of these general star adviser, be like that bright starry sky backside, endless darkness, also only in darkness, stars just can be so bright.厨戏痞|




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