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黄绮珊出轨门|7色瘦Country to be sure, lyu3 bu4 plan never so simple, these are just the first step, family class can't really disappear, otherwise, lyu3 bu4 under those people could not agree, this is he can't avoid it, so lyu3 bu4 project, must be how to eliminate the solution to this problem, just what is method, even the country, also can't guess.Liu table nodded and didn't say anything more, just with liu bei to know other JingXiang celebrities, including the main book for jingzhou now tongley, some sanyo kibaki's and liu's table, which poured a lot of people showed the attitude of the goodwill to liu bei, sanyo is more liu table of or JingXiang small and medium-sized family, headed by the citizen, brush.Xun yu and xun you looked at cao cao and found that the role of counselors was not enough to control the situation. It was cao cao who really needed to make a decision.

Lyu3 bu4 ran, suddenly heard the wind from behind, hand painting ji back China days to find out, will each other to long live, move in the heart, the day painting ji, with small branches hang long live, also ignore lu xiang yuan tan in the direction of the target suddenly to party day painting ji, was stuck on branchlets roaring out of the pike, left behind it a trail in the air.Xun you smiled and shook his head. "you are not liu biao. You can help lu bu to contain our army."Order the officers and soldiers of the armed forces 100 people a team, yi yi enemy side, but dare to approach the edge of the enemy, then shoot with a bow and arrow!" Lv bu's eyes flashed a cool and stern, do not want to retreat, can not retreat, this is the battle of luck, retreat, is equal to lose the opportunity to dominate the north, whether he or cao cao is the same.黄绮珊出轨门|"Lord?" Frogyuan into a sneer, also do not answer, rode forward, in the account of the gun flat out out, not see any fancy, in the other side's contemptuous eyes, suddenly accelerated, a shot pierced the throat of the other side, blood spray in the face, the general with stunned eyes with the front of the horse rushed to fall.Froyuan into a wipe away the blood stain on the face, the gun pointed to yuan shang harsh way: "soldiers, give me kill!"

黄绮珊出轨门|"No, the Lord has not said to start, the subordinates dare not start." Li shuxiang shouted."Well!" Jiang lost hurriedly nodded in agreement and quickly retreated.Although large-scale combat, no way with lu bu's cavalry corps to fight, but after all, the improvement of combat effectiveness is real, can not say completely useless.

Just at this moment, who would care about his feelings, with the command of the law, a saber had come forward, led li fu to the scaffold, the hand of the knife fell, a large head rolling to the ground."Thank you, Lord! Many of the hussars who had family affairs and a face excited to lu bu hand way, this can be tantamount to accompany the prince reading, such as lu zheng adult, these people can be lu zheng's confidants.The chaos in hebei is almost foreseeable. Not only will lu bu and cao cao invade, but also many lives will be destroyed. Zhang he will not allow this to happen.黄绮珊出轨门|




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