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乱系列|搜索网"Not yet, thank you. There 's one thing I need you to do!" Lyu3 bu4 with the wave, looked at wei."Little general, withdraw your troops first!" Pound immediately before, looked at the direction of the city, wry smile, somebody else is clearly not ready to fight out, make d a brave also useless.Lyu3 bu4 smiled and lifted the north palace away, but looked at cioffi.

Faces a change, wei suddenly twisted his head, looked at the direction of the vibration, eyes suddenly shrank."Master, west gansu urgent report!"Wei Yan is ambitious, but they also have the brains and abilities to sustain their ambitions, Although compared with Cao Cao, Lyu3 bu4 now can only calculate a small shrimp, "that numb of small generals is small, But it is for this reason that, I just have the opportunity to lead an army, and the lyu3 bu4 put his hands to early follow the tube hai or has been a famous embroidery, and promote himself as an army chief, enough to see lyu3 bu4 know how to use, now a decentralization book, although there is no consolation, is to tell wei yan directly with practical action, I believe you.乱系列|West cool army is a grateful, after carefully out of the lyu3 bu4 army siege, saw lyu3 bu4 as expected to keep the promise, not issued, immediately cheered, rushed out of the city, or to d barracks, or to candidate barracks.

乱系列|Xiongkuo haiwen speech had to shut up."Chase!" Wei Yanleng hum 1, although zhong yao side of the army has not much left, but if you can capture zhong yao, that is the greatest feat, how can he give up, the two men together, turned toward hanoi."Pip-pip ~"

Xu Rongwen, can not help but sigh, looked at the side of the north palace from: "The general is prepared to deal with the north palace from?""Kill!" When the fear reached the limit, horse play with a crazy ferocious face, suddenly crazy rushed to d, in the hands of the sword to die together to d.Korea hence in immediately turned back a little, is scalp numb, the whip in the hand can not help but more desperate to the horse buttocks.乱系列|





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