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鄯怎么读|北京外墙粉刷They may not be pure, but for men who have had physical contact with themselves died in front of him, these women do not mind their bodies have dirty blood, struggling to dig a hole, will be a corpse or buried, or burned, see lyu3 bu4 with people back, these women did not have too much emotional expression in their eyes."Slurp!""Rumble ~"

"Eldest brother, for..." Step root very don't understand to look at the head, want to say what, but has been stopped by the head."Don't think about it, don't you really want to rely on your more than three hundred people, rebuild the huns? That is impossible, to join the king's court, by the power of the king's court, you can get what you want, right, beauty.""Step to the root, to assemble the troops, if these beggars dare to mess around, then let them stay here forever!" Kui head stuffy hum 1, ten thousand people, has been able to raid the king's court, you know the king's court of kui head although claimed to be the lord of xianbei, but actually has an army of more than fifty thousand people, but also distributed in the tribes around the king's court, the king's court standing army, also only ten thousand people.鄯怎么读|"Yes." Two xianbei warriors dragged the body quickly left.

鄯怎么读|"March." Cao cao hurriedly way."Send troops?" A few people smell speech zheng, but see giffin took out a symbol from the cuff."Let's go." Watching the Kilvu people rushing to the front of the camp, A large number of knights head into the pre-arranged pit, suddenly fell a piece, the camp unexpectedly no one rushed out, disdain sneer at, this is their only chance to win, so wasted, and then, when the beggar tribe regrouped, is also the time for the tribe to disappear completely.

"No hurry!" Giffin looked at d, sink a track: "the success or failure of this war, related to our army and even the whole big fellow world for decades or even a hundred years from hu, not you a surname, do not act rashly, meng up general can send someone to inquire, king and daxi new meet, is the day you soldiers out of jinlianchuan!"Giffin this few days reckon zhang he, falling in grant after learning that lyu3 bu4 swept through taiyuan, I'm afraid I'm not going to sit back and wait to die, Will be looking for an opportunity to withdraw troops, is to send someone to closely monitor the movement of zhang he, mayi suddenly move naturally attracted the attention of the giffin, but before he can make deployment, zhang he has led the troops to kill, camp, shout ShaSheng, d with ma dai helmet armor, led the military forces with zhang he kill do a regiment.Hu people, really good at war generals, command commander-in-chief level often in the han people above ordinary generals, these generals are killed from the battlefield, although not through the orthodox art of war, but they have their own set of play, the road is very wild, but often effective.鄯怎么读|




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