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3002715吨加油车"Young lady, the Lord said, you of these soldiers, can follow in, but forbid to run disorderly, otherwise enter the restricted area by mistake, will be killed on the spot." With a broad grin, he waved at the group of women and said, "don't blame general Ben for not reminding you."Jianan four years, for the whole world, is by no means a good year, no matter the central plains or northwest, the central plains war clouds, although the war between yuan shao and cao cao was not fully launched, but the two sides have entered a state of war readiness, the war is on the verge of war, war together, must be a scene of human suffering.Loos sou ~

"Change the crossbow and mount!"This kind of person, can be regarded as a good general, let him lead an army alone, with his character, won't give lv bu what big basket, but also don't expect him to bring much surprise to the person, as a general, he lacks a kind of insight to the overall situation, not suitable to run an army alone, but if put in the rear, defend the city, may not be worse than pound.300271

300271"Be."Diao cicada gave birth to children, for the general under lv bu's command but a big deal, liao hua dare not neglect, hurriedly ordered two teams of people toward the general's house direction."Well." Zhou cang hurriedly nodded and then looked at lv bu and said, "that young lady... "

"Be." Liu yun underneath is a very traditional woman, woman of this age can be literate, moral codes of learning is not yet reach the fortified point of innocence is the virtue for women's, but also because of the origin, from learning is female ring, married CongFu, as she thought of to get perfect embodiment on her body, to lu bu, won't rebel."Don't dare, don't dare! Li kan quickly stood up and worshiped the two men. "please don't hesitate to ask me if you are in doubt. I am sure you will tell me everything you know.""Simple, according to the rules of our han people, it is easy to send him back to take a message or something." Jun han looked knowledgeable and said, "I will stay with my brother in the future. If my brother follows you, I will make sure that you will not suffer any loss."300271




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