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樱花虾zadull|湘西野鸡苗Chapter thirty xiongnu south"Count your losses!" Seibel strong support almost take off the body, expressionless face also took a little tired, three days and three nights, west cool army repeatedly attack, soldiers can rotate, but he as the three main, but can't rest."I hope to see Meng De's sincerity, also hope Meng De don't let me wait too long. Lyu3 bu4 stood up, looked at chen qun, smiled and said: "if yuan cao war, cloth has not got what he wants, then I will personally carry the troops out of the customs, to xuchang to the son of heaven, XiongKuoHai, send long text to leave."

"Xil has met her uncle." Yang Xi grew up in Montenegro, but under the influence of his father, the etiquette of the Han family is no stranger, see after the ceremony, then cleverly stood behind Yang Wang, no longer words."What is it?" D looked at the reaction on the wall, frown way."There is still a long way to go. At first, our method of selecting people from among the people to manage them by themselves will enable the people to attach themselves to a certain extent, but it will also be easy to nourish some unruly people." Think of today's green skin, if not the people correct, today's situation is a little embarrassed, liao hua good say, but if the problem to zhang liao, seibel these people in the future, it is hard not to really kill them.樱花虾zadull|Prairie wolf?

樱花虾zadull|"Is lyu3 bu4 general seibel.""Zheng west general with sincerity, and should be a document, official seal has been brought, qiang people, qiang people, and as long as we promise to constrain the department according to their law, can enjoy the same treatment under the general mansion of the west of the han people." Yang Wang looked at the Haoshuai one eye, without much trouble, but will look at the other ten Haoshuai: "I have promised to recruit general west, just don't know how the adventure ministries think?"Don't want to be an official, it doesn't matter, I don't necessarily see you, all give me teaching, don't want to teach also doesn't matter, hungry, any world, any age, there is no lack of soft bones, such as one or two can't stand it, take the lead to teach, then the next thing is much easier.

"And the candidate?" Hear the qiang will call, d face moderated some, light asked."Yes." Lunar people generals hurriedly bow down, now they don't know the awe of lyu3 bu4, to these follow lyu3 bu4 han Chinese soldiers will also be respectful, these people not only fight fierce, but also means cruel enough, deeply shocked the lunar people's psychology.For lyu3 bu4 said these things, although not all agree, but marotta can not deny, although these things are just a blueprint, but the promotion of education alone, there is a great attraction, and the feasibility is very strong.樱花虾zadull|




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