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一路一带概念股茶酵母Although not together, but lyu3 bu4 still send people to these stationed outside the generals each send a generous gift, and a large number of meat and wine, let those stationed at the border can be a little better this year.< / p > < p > liu bao nature will not be as stupid as hamu son directly go up to provoke, lv bu here, let him do not have the interest of the fight, the first warrior of the huns are defeated in the hands of a man, this to, there is no reason to send up to be beaten face."Still let burn when old king come out to talk with me, this matter, you can't do a Lord." Li ru did not say any more, but said lightly.

"Master wants to conquer this man?" Zhang liao surprised to look at li ru, if one track-minded, want to accept some difficult to do.Lyu3 bu4 intuitive points out, and will let the justice department definitely write related rights and obligations, the clarity grade, let han superiority, give the next layer of the qiang people and Hu Min can a rising channel, under these people, of course, in a temporarily out to form a pyramid structure is given priority to with han Chinese.一路一带概念股Lv lingqi found a pawnshop, the sable cicada gave her a few jade ornaments to pawn, and then bought a lot of cooked meat food, recruit a few strong men, to help her send out of the city.

一路一带概念股's heart is in this way, the seeds of distrust, once planted in your heart, then tiny difference will be infinite amplification, Korea hence with people, actually is also in order to avoid burning out qiang, p. o just conspiracy theories, and discuss with teammates before pit habits, the most important thing is, when burning back and forth combined loss is beyond the burning when pharaoh to afford."Some regrettable, so big battle, I wait for now, but teng not hand to come!" Shook his head, lv bu smiled."Yin wei, you take our people, cooperate with all protect adults, destroy the city xianbei people. Juyan king to see their own escort command way.

Regardless of their relationship with lu bu in the future will be how, but Addis is his own savior, even disagreeable, zhaoyun cannot so looking at Addis with dozens of women to go to foreign country to forge, a person, when the kindness, let alone a saving his life, before ensure the safety of the Addis, zhaoyun is not ready to leave.In the following days, lu bu even set up a trade fair on the yuechi lake, which was devoted to selling xiongnu slaves, women and some goods from xiongnu."General, according to the mad man, the young lady was last seen around xinye. Shall we chase her at once?" "Asked a soldier.一路一带概念股




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