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开了丫鬟小嫩苞经过|清水黑发王"Two generals don't have to worry, my army has arrived, tomorrow will be able to arrive!" Tracing the cause of the two men, after asking about the situation of guan yu, WenYan placate two people after a few words, then ordered the army to pull out, quite close to qu'a, the fifty thousand troops, can be said to be sun quan can mobilize all forces at the moment, if the battle is lost, the sun's is really over."Do you really mean it?" Li Hunwen speech eyes a bright, Accept lyu3 bu4 most difficult to let these families accept, Not lyu3 bu4 can't bring them benefits, but lyu3 bu4 took away their position, simply put, before the family annexed land, that rely on these lands to survive the people, naturally revered the family, but lyu3 bu4 now took away, although there is compensation, and profit is very rich, but some things, is money can't buy."But three thousand people, guanzhong fierce, but is also strong bow crossbow, as long as close to the body, the strong bow crossbow again fierce what's the use?" Ma shook his head and sneered.

"Dang ~""Besides this road, is there any other way to get into Jiangzhou?" Wei Yan looked at the map, some distressed asked, shu this terrain is sometimes really very humiliating, even if there is a military advantage is useless, often a mountain range will be able to protect a large area.开了丫鬟小嫩苞经过|Guan yu slightly frown, at the moment jiangdong army has been into the city, the wall to continue to keep it is no longer necessary, harsh voice way: "ring the trumpet, life from the west side of the city."

开了丫鬟小嫩苞经过|"Kongming, what should I do now? Wei Yen's men were jammed outside the Dianjiang River. We couldn't get out at all." Zhang fei some depressed look to zhuge liang, shu road characteristics, play in difficult, play out also difficult, if zhuge liang's purpose is just to keep pad river, nature is not afraid, wei military forces in elite also so little, this pad river city don't need to leave too many defenders to hold."By you!" Wei Yanwen disdainfully shook his head: "The defeated general, Ann dare to speak bravely.""By you!" Wei Yanwen disdainfully shook his head: "The defeated general, Ann dare to speak bravely."

Wei Yanwen said with a wry smile, "But now Zhuge Liang is shrinking his defense. When we attack, how will we consume it?"Zhang Fei knew that Zhuge Liang was quite strong in this respect, So go to consult zhuge liang, and zhuge liang also gave him an answer, in fact, zhang fei day reaction is good, with pike to resist each other's kill array, but the guanzhong military forces alone is too strong, and chopping swords also enough feng li, ordinary soldiers pike barrel is wooden, can be easily cut off.Hsiung-kuo heard the words and frowned. "What about you, little lord?" He asked.开了丫鬟小嫩苞经过|




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