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魅族褚淳岷离职搜啦"Lord, general guan has failed to observe the crime, according to the military law should behead! But now the enemy is current, general guan a skill to kill this pity, why not cut off the general's office, make general guan dai sin meritorious service?" Cui zhou ping smiled."Very good, if you want to live, then do as I said, this commander will never make it difficult for you, and even after the matter is finished, to give you a promotion jin jin! Zhou yu indifferent way.

"Please, Sir." "Said liu bei."Head, look over there, someone!" At this time, a soldier suddenly pointed to the direction outside the city exclaimed, surrounded by liu bijun officers and soldiers smell speech toward the direction of the soldiers pointed to look in the past....魅族褚淳岷离职"Well!"

魅族褚淳岷离职Originally, shi one just came to see the scene, and the position was quite safe, the other side shot a wave of crossbow arrow, and then hang up, and still led a taxi was directly nailed to death, which let the state envoy group heart kind of beep dog feeling.Yan shu, the method to promote the rule of law, was almost all in the shu dynasty, liu yan is alive, to balance family, yan also respected the Frenchman, liu yan died after milan to woo family, method of yan's status is unstable, and therefore, method of yan with the same less appealing zhangsong a good relationship."We have already arranged a retreat for the jiangdong shuijun. However, zhou yu refused to agree. This is not only a retreat." Zhuge liang shook his feather fan and said, "from the very beginning, I am afraid that jiangdong did not have the intention to attack lv bu, but put the target on my jingzhou, and only wait for my jingzhou to guard against the emptiness, so that he could take advantage of the emptiness and enter. When the time comes, it will not be jiangdong but our army that will be cut off."

"Commander." The party was escorted to zhou yu's side and ordered back to him."Well!" The great sea rode down the city wall in excitement.Jiangdong soldiers around without any reaction for Zhou An's death, people rushed to the surrounding JingXiang soldiers, fog wrapped, zhang fei brought people came, also can close, not to shoot arrows rain, at the moment in the face of five hundred welding not afraid dead of jiangdong fighter, also can only be positive fight, zhang fei and yell 1, when eight snake lance ramble in the crowd like a head of black python,< / p > < p > in the place, jiangdong soldiers next to the death, touched on the death, but jiangdong soldiers brave and fearless of death, still to jingxiang soldiers brought a lot of losses.魅族褚淳岷离职





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